Heart MOOD RING - Cut 'Glass' Type

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Colour Changing Mood Ring.

SIZE - Adjustable to fit all sizes

This is a HEART STYLE mood stone, the mood stone really catches the light because it has square-cut design on the mood (i.e. like square cut class, it is not made from glass but has this effect). The ring is silver plated.

The mood stone is 1.3cm by 1.3cm approx.

Trendy design, your own energy will cause the mood ring to change colour to reveal your inner emotions.

Black - stressed
Orange - fear
Yellow - nervous
Green - Mixed emotions
Blue - normal
Darker Blue - relaxed
Blue/Purple - calm
Purple -cool
Lighter yellow - Lovable
Green - Romantic
Grey/Blue - Passionate
Dark Blue/Purple - Very Happy
Lighter purple/pink - cool
Yellow - lovable
Bright green - Romantic
Duller/green - passionate
Darker purple - very happy
(the colours are quite similar so it is fun working out which one is which)

It comes with the 'You're in the mood' leaflet guide which lists the colours and moods.

Costume jewellery - silver plated only.

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