Burmese Jadeite - sliced cucumber and cantaloupe


Breathtaking Prescious Stone Soaps

You won't believe your eyes when you see these soaps, they look more like prescious stones than the stones do themselves. They are designer, handmade soaps in the form of stunning prescious stones, with delicous fragrances

This stunning Burmese Jadeite soap is fragranced with the aroma of freshly sliced cucumber and cantaloupe!

The soaps are great for all skin types because they are extremely gentle! Made of pure vegetable glycerin, they actually attract moisture to your skin! These soaps are NEVER tested on animals!

Each soap is approximatley 10cm long and makes a spectaular bath decoration as well as a deliciously fragranced,gentle soap

Perfect for pure indulgence for yourself or for a breathtaking gift

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