Mesmerising LED Colour Changing Candle.

Brand new - exact same design of candle possibly not available from any other supplier in the UK and is certainly not widely available.

This candle will amaze you, from the outset, it appears to be an ordinary white, wax candle - on lighting, its colour changes continuously into different shades of beautiful, relaxing colours e.g. cool blues, lilacs, greens, warm oranges... truly incredible.

The candle contains an optical fibre alongside the wick which senses the light of the flame and activates the LED colour bulbs, green, red and blue to start changing colour. These primary colours mix together one-by-one to create all the colours of the rainbow e.g. red mixing with blue to make purple, green with blue making turquoise. To the eye, the candle appears to change colour by magic. When you blow out the candle, the colour changing will stop until the next time you light it.

Guaranteed to impress anyone who sees it. Perfect as a gift or simply to enjoy yourselves and share with friends.

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